Denver LoDo, c. 1988

The business was begun and is managed by Stuart Hough who owned and operated Stuart-Buchanan Antiques (Denver, Aspen, Vail, and Chicago) 1978-1995 and William Stuart Antiques, (Paris – St. Ouen), 1995-2007. Hough resides in the NYC area, and maintains a European staff that bids for clients at auctions, sources new dealers for the site, and handles client’s purchasing and transport details.

Marche Serpette, c. 1998
Chicago, c. 1992
Cherry Creek, c. 1985
Marche Serpette, c. 2005
 Aspen, c. 1986
Paris Flea Market guide book, written by Hough and published in 2002
Rouen, France, c. 1995