By subscribing to the site, a member agrees to the Terms and Conditions below.


The monthly subscription fee is $100, and will be paid through PayPal account on the 1st of each month through an automatic transfer. A subscriber may opt out at any time and the contract will be cancelled and the automatic transfer will end at the month of the opt out.


The Market Antiques offers its services as a bidding agent for its subscribers. A subscriber may place a bid on the site in two ways. First, one may make incremental bids as they desire. The second method is by a Proxy Maximum bid. Here Bidder A can enter a proxy Maximum Bid that they are willing to bid up to and be protected in the auction till their Maximum Bid is beaten. The Market Antiques will then submit the highest bid to the auction house offering the item. Please note that the bids made through this site may not be the only bids being made and that the auctions are open to the public.

All bids are to be made in the local currency of where the auction is being held and all estimates in dollars are estimates only. Keep in mind that there is an approx. 15- 20% buyer’s commission at all houses. When The Market Antiques sends you an estimate in dollars it is at that day’s estimated exchange rate and includes the buyer’s commission of that particular auction house.

Any condition statement is given, as a courtesy to a client, is only an opinion and should not be treated as a statement of fact. The Market Antiques shall have no responsibility for any error or omission. The absence of a condition statement does not imply that the lot is in perfect condition or completely free from wear and tear, imperfections or the effects of aging. The observations made by The Market Antiques are made from information provided by the auction house and visual evidence from photographs. The item has not been personally examined by The Market Antiques and in no manner guarantees the description or photos are accurate. There is no liability on the part of The Market Antiques if purchaser is not 100% satisfied with a purchase.

The fee for The Market Antiques purchasing an item at auction on your behalf is the following: If the total purchase price including buying commission is: Less than $500 – 15%; $500 – $5000 – 10%; and More than $5000 – 5%.

Is successful in winning an item,  the buyer agrees to pay the  agent fee which is due upon receipt of The Market Antiques invoice, and is payable in US dollars at the Tempus Consulting Foreign Exchange rate on the day of the transaction. If paying through PayPal by credit card, there is a 3% transaction fee added to the invoice.


There are three methods of paying for purchases. If you have a transporter in Europe, you may transfer the purchase funds to them and tell them that The Market Antiques will be sending purchase details so they may pick up and pay for your purchase. Second, you can send a wire transfer directly to the selling dealer or auction house. Third, you can send the funds to The Market Antiques and we will forward the money to the appropriate party. If paying through PayPal by credit card, there is a 3% transaction fee added to the invoice. However the funds are transferred to The Market Antiques  there will be a $20 wire fee added to the invoice. The purchaser is responsible for any exchange conversion, wiring fees, or bank fees charged by the receiving bank. The Market Antiques has used the foreign exchange company Tempus Consulting successfully for several years and the transactions are seamless with the receiver getting the full amount wired with no additional fees to the seller. If the subscriber would like, we can assist in setting them up with an account at Tempus to handle the wire transactions directly.


The Market Antiques WILL  assist you in arranging transport for purchases from auctions or antique dealers.  If you do not have a European transporter, we will recommend  companies who can transport for you by airfreight if possible or ocean freight to the port closest to you.  If you need or would like to talk to a European transporter, write us for a list. Many auction houses in France and England have regular deliveries to Paris/London or if near the fair routes, your shipper can pick up items. Those pick-up charges can be provided by your transporter.

The auctions are listed with a letter and number. The letter is for the country of the auction and the number denotes a particular auction. For example, an item shown with the marking F2 means the auction is in France and all of the items marked with F2 are at the same auction house. Buying more than one item at the same place makes the transport more economical.


Who is The Market Antiques?

The business was begun and is managed by Stuart Hough who owned and operated Stuart-Buchanan Antiques (Denver, Aspen, Vail, and Chicago) 1978-1995 and William Stuart Antiques, (Paris – St. Ouen), 1995-2007. Hough resides in the NYC area, speaks French, and makes several trips annually to Europe looking for new sources.

What is the cost of this service?

There is a $100 monthly fee for access to the site that will be debited by PayPal from a credit card at the first of the month.

What is your successful bidding rate at auction?

Our success rate at auction has been about 40%.

What is the cost for my shipper to collect the items?

Your transporter can provide those charges.

How do I bid for auction items?

You follow the bidding directions on the Auction Preview page on the site, which will tell you what the next bid is and when the bidding will close. Please call or write with any questions.

Who am I bidding against when I see the bids on themarketantiques.com?

The only bidders you are competing with when you see a bid or higher bid come through the site are the member subscribers of themarketantiques.com. There may be other bidders bidding against our high bid and we have no knowledge of what that bid might be.

Can you arrange for airfreight or consolidated container shipping to get the purchases more quickly?

Most major transporters perform airfreight services and send consolidated containers into the major ports (New York, LA, SF, Houston, New Orleans, etc. monthly or bi-monthly. We can recommend several companies that provide those services.

What if I purchase items from Sweden or Italy and my transporter is in Paris or the UK?

Most transport companies have local services they use to bring the goods to Paris/London. We have a good Scandinavian transporter who delivers to Paris monthly.

Will you leave auction bids or bid by telephone?

Assuming there is not too much auction bidding activity going on at the same time, we will bid by phone. If we leave a bid, we will often get the item, but usually at the offer price. If the bid is much below the auction estimate or the item is estimated at less than around 250 Euros, then we will leave the bid, as some houses won’t take phone bids for inexpensive items.

Will you tailor the product choices to my specific needs/wants?

The items in the  Auction Preview and Dealer Offerings pages show the type/quality we are normally searching for. If you have specific want list items, we will try to find them and offer them only to you.

Will this service replace buying trips?

This service is not to replace buying trips but to augment/compliment the buying trip or to bring in fresh stock on a consolidated shipment between trips. Also, having a portion of the container pre-purchased at prices you want to pay also removes the pressure to buy things on a buying trip that are not the quality/price you want, just in order to fill up a shipment.

Will I be able to see detailed photos of an item and get a condition report?

In Auction Previews often there is not time to get detailed photos but I can usually get the auctioneer’s condition report. But BUYER BEWARE: not all auctioneers are honest or knowledgeable. We have tried to eliminate those houses that do not tell it like it is. But you need to use your trained eye and knowledge and be prepared for mild surprises when the goods arrive. With almost all lower case pieces and some tables it is hard to see the tops but if there is an issue (such as changed, damaged, etc.) the auction house will usually tell you. In order to buy at auction prices you must take a few chances.  In reading the French descriptions, you may see the following French terms for problems:

Accidents: there is something that needs to be fixed. Different houses use the term differently in terms of severity. One house may mean a slight crack in the top of a farm table and another mean a broken leg. That is why we ask for condition reports.

Eclats: Usually used to describe paint or gilding that is chipped

Restauree: it has been restored

Rapporte: replaced

How will I know when items have been added to the site?

We will strive to add items daily to the site and you will receive an email telling you that new items are posted

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

If you let us know by email before the 25th of a month, you will not be charged for the next month and your subscription cancelled. Once you are invoiced and pay for a month, there is no rebate for that month if you cancel.

How are Dollar estimates determined?

By using the rate daily exchange rate that is listed by Tempus Consulting foreign exchange service. The estimate will also include the auction house purchasing fee but not any transport. When a foreign currency is purchased in the small amounts we are talking about here, the rate is usually not as good as are the published rates for large trades that one sees on financial websites. We will publish actual rates every day on the site that will be the rate from Tempus Consulting, a foreign exchange service we recommend.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Your monthly subscription charge can be paid with a card through PayPal, and can be set up on a recurring basis. If you are transferring funds to your shipper, their rules will apply. If you want us to pay on your behalf and want to use a card for miles, etc. there is a 3% transaction fee and a $20 fee to pay for the international wire.